Bedford Hasler 2016

1st May 2016

Bedford marathon was held on May Day, a nice stretch of river with the added bonus of sunshine!

Winning performances came from Chris and Pete, destroying the K2 Div 6 field, Donna and Neil in Div 8 K2, Oli and Ceri in Div 5 K2. Silver medals were won by Alice and Paul (to a higher ranked crew) in the Div 4 K2 race and Lucia in her first Div 5 K1 race.

bedford2016 start div6k2

Full cambridge results below.

Congratulations to all those that raced, and helped bring in the Hasler points.

Next race is Norwich marathon on 22nd May - great racing location, so lets make the most of it and get a big team there. Hopefully there will be sunshine and ice cream too!

bedford2016 paul and alice

Cambridge Bedford results:

Div 2 K1 - Rodrigo 5th
Div 3 K1 - Piran 12th
Div 4 K1 - Dan 12th (with a swim)
Div 5 K1 - Lucia 2nd, Christian 5th (also with a swim).
Div 6 K1 - Maria 7th
Div 4 K2 - Alice /Paul 2nd
Div 5 K2 - Oli /Ceri 1st
Div 6 K2 - Pete /Chris 1st
Div 7 K2 - Ali / Steffi 6th, Penny /David 7th
Div 8 K2 - Donna / Neil 1st.

 bedford2016 rodrigo

And, of course, we won't deprive you of some race action footage from David's on-board camera:

Photos (c) 2016 by Chris Worrall. See the full album here.