Report from Waterside C, D and Series Results

Newbury, 28th Feb / 13th Mar 2016

Cambridge Canoe Club have had a very successful Waterside series. In races C & D Rodrigo took 2nd with Freddie Purcell (Richmond) in the Mens K2 behind a strong Chelmsford crew, while Oli and Ceri took 3rd in the Mixed K2 on race D after struggling through illness and managing to break their boat on race C. Dan finished midfield in Mens K1 on both C and D (despite a minor aquatic setback on D!)

Also on race D Richard and Rob finished a fantastic 4th place in a big field of veterans K2s, while Maria finished 4th in Ladies K1 despite being unwell during the race. Just finishing waterside D is enough of a challenge, so for the club to be getting medal positions is great.

Freddie and Rodrigo took the second place Series Trophy, and Oli and Ceri took the 3rd place Series Trophy for the Mixed category. Maria braved illness on two separate occasions to be one of only three women to finish the series in K1.

Before this year, in the whole history of the Waterside races, Cambridge Canoe Club had only had only 56 race finishes (a random statistic found online). We're confident that the vast majority of those finishes over the years are are from one Richard Stagg! This year alone we have had 16 club members enter at least one of the races, and a total of 26 Cambridge boat finishes over the 4 races - in one season thats nearly half that Cambridge Canoe Club had achieved since the Waterside Series began.

Congratulations to everyone who came and raced, braved the mud, cold and finished some of the toughest marathon races that there are in the UK. With the Watersides finished, we can look forward to shorter more pleasant summer races, (less mud, less portages and much more ice-cream).